[Gluster-users] Crossover cable: single point of failure?

Daniel Manser daniel at clienta.ch
Tue Jun 14 02:51:07 PDT 2011


 Thanks for your reply.

>  Can you confirm if you backend filesystem is proper? Can you delete
> the file from the backend?

 I was able to delete files on the server.

> Also, try setting a lower ping-timeout and see if
> it helps in case of crosscable failover test.

 I set it to 5 seconds, but the result is still the same.

   Volume Name: vmware
   Type: Replicate
   Status: Started
   Number of Bricks: 2
   Transport-type: tcp
   Brick1: gluster1:/mnt/gvolumes/vmware
   Brick2: gluster2:/mnt/gvolumes/vmware
   Options Reconfigured:
   network.ping-timeout: 5


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