[Gluster-users] Gluster Storage Platform volume options

brock brown brownbm at u.washington.edu
Tue Aug 3 14:23:48 PDT 2010

I would just like some clarification on the different options for GSP storage volumes.
None - this option distributes the files across all servers such that a file resides on some server but not necessarily on a specific server.
If you have 4 servers, you can get 4x the volume space.
*as a side question, what is a good way to see what server the file is actually on.  Since console access is disabled are there any 
other suggestions?
Mirror - every file resides on every server.  if there are four servers and a file is copied into the volume each server gets a copy
of that file.  
*does this restrict the maximum size of the volume to the same size as if you were using one server?
*also which one of these options allows for Automatic File Recovery and Self Healing?
Thank you. 		 	   		  

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